“Regarding Dr. Haupt’s letter published April 22, he is the one who needs whacking between the eyes. Claims he ‘worked to protect people from themselves’; should limit it to their medical care, not applying his liberal political philosophies altering constitutional protections. Authority/control freak.

“Trade war with China? Only reowning previous giveaways, including American jobs. Migrant workers are essential to our farming, and legal immigrant’s welcome — not organized invasions. Farms and small businesses drying up? Due to many things, such as internet purchasing, etc, but not the issues he gives.

“Ongoing destruction cannot be blamed on COVID-19; contrived by dark forces who won’t let go of their past authority, including media and some CDC experts aligned to prolong losses. Daily reports never mention 98% recovery of those afflicted, slightly higher than seasonal flu, despite flu vaccines; emphasized unemployment rates created by subversives and continuing restrictions are meant to create optimum consequences. Benjamin Franklin said ‘Those who would give up essential liberty to preserve a temporary safety deserves neither.’

“Michigan and Sweden have comparable population numbers: Michigan under police-state restrictions; Sweden with none, yet Michigan has more cases of COVID-19 than Sweden. More die from surgeries and other medical mistakes (covered up). A primary care provider, who Dr. Haupt highly esteems, dragged her feet many months claiming being stumped while patient’s condition worsened; another doctor hospitalized the patient (none too soon). I received wrong information by same doctor in writing next to her sketches; later corrected by specialists.

“Shame on you, Dr. Haupt.”