“A recent headline to a letter to the editor was ‘There’s danger in :ignoring science for political reasons.”’

“The past 46 years have proven the truth of this statement. Ignoring science for political reasons has torn this country in half.

“The science ignored for political reasons is embryo science: human embryos are human beings at an early developmental stage, and in the vast majority of cases these human beings begin at conception.

“The science ignored is that human embryos are alive, are human, and are complete organisms, new beings which will continue to live unless death is brought about by some specific condition.

“Since abortion results in the death of the fetus, would the fetus not have to be alive before the abortion? Since the fetus has human DNA, possesses a human genetic code, with approximately 46 chromosomes, then he or she must be human. What is an organism? A collection of parts, or organs, which function together to sustain the existence of a whole being that possesses the qualities of life.

“The denial of science since 1973 has split our nation right down the middle. Should we stop ignoring science for political reasons, overturn Roe v. Wade and Doe v. Bolton, and start protecting unborn human life?

“Or should we accept the science and openly admit that we are killing unborn human persons, but actually, now, we are OK with that?

“Or, should we just ignore the science altogether, ‘for political reasons’?”