“Georgie Geyer’s column on the Opinion page of the EagleHerald’s Aug. 25 edition, asked Pope Francis to change the Catholic church’s teaching on birth control. The Catholic church’s infallible, unchanging teaching on human sexuality is that the nature of marriage and sexuality as established by the Creator exists for both intimacy and procreation, neither one without the other.

“This was Christian teaching from the beginning. The Synod of Dort, John Calvin, Martin Luther, the Pilgrims, and Arthur W. Pink all condemned the sinfulness of birth control. John Wesley stated it was unnatural and would destroy the souls of those who practiced it. Beginning in 1928, Protestant churches one by one rejected centuries of consistent teaching of the Christian church, and permitted birth control, first in the “hard cases”, but eventually across the board. Which leads to a question: Did all Christianity teach a lie when they taught that birth control would destroy the souls of those who practiced it, or did God change His mind in 1928?

“Truly, God’s teaching on human sexuality is a hard saying. When confronted with God’s hard sayings, many walk away. Hard? Without God, it is impossible. But with God, all things are possible, for His yoke is easy and His burden light.”