“With the sale of Bay Area Medical Center to Advocates Aurora Health Systems now complete, we need to reflect on what just occurred, with no public input whatsoever.

“All non-profits are required to file what is called an IRS form ‘990’ yearly. These documents can be found on a website called ‘990 Finder.’ Bay Area Medical Center had net assets of $136 million after liabilities at the close of the 2016 financials.

“The transaction announced by Bay Area Medical Center to the public is the creation of a $25 million Community Health Care Fund with the board of directors appointed by them, the new Advocates Aurora Health Center.

“My question is what happened to the other $111 million of assets that our communities gave to this entity in the counties giving them the hospital operations years ago and all the philanthropic community donations over the years.

“Certainly the Bay Area Medical Center board of directors didn’t just give $111 million to a large private non-profit health care entity; or did we?”