“I am writing this in regard to the many current endeavors being made to improve living and working conditions in Marinette, Menominee, Peshtigo and our close-knit communities. We who live and work here are lucky to be here where our people and our places are important to us.

“We were all proud that Vice President Pence chose our area to visit. With Fincantieri Marinette Marine building and perhaps adding 100 new jobs; we have a lot of work to do.

“We wonder where housing will be added. We are so fortunate to have many churches and schools and now our new REC Center, all incentives to lure newcomers and we know there are many more good things coming.

“Riding through Marinette, Menominee and Peshtigo last week we wondered if it would be an incentive to owners of the many homes and business that are now vacant to do some work on and develop some of those many eyesores into living quarters. Most have electricity, water and plumbing and some would be an easy fix. At the same time, it would improve the overall look of our area.

“Maybe a tax break or financial incentives could be enough to encourage property owners to step up and be a part of progressive improvement plans.

“We’re getting better and want to make impressions on those who come to live and work and play here and make them feel welcome.”