“Why would state officials approve the Back Forty Mine by a foreign mine company? Why? We stand to lose our forests and wetlands and risk polluting our drinking water and the Menominee River.

“With a recent article on the U.P. trappers and the muskrats in a row that they killed one day, I question why. Is it for food, fur, trophies or for sport? A recent article by the Humane Society has indicated that a number of cities have banned live fur for human clothing. Faux fur is now most popular. I noticed that most of our mink farms are gone. Then I was so disgusted to read that they are planning a session to teach young children how to kill by trapping. Why?

“A good book you might want to read is by local author, Larry Koesling ‘Shadows of the Wolf’ which includes some of the horrors of trapping.”