“I must agree with the writer, replying to sound off in the May 9 issue, that our system of constitutional law leaves much to be desired. It allows politicians and judges too much authority to make and interpret laws to benefit the ruling class over the working class and the poor. I’m a believer in God’s law as the perfect law that brings freedom when understood and practiced correctly. James 1:25.

“However, in the case of abortion, I believe the Supreme Court made the right decision back in 1973. Permitting abortions prevents unnecessary suffering. But it looks like the political plan is to put an end to legal abortions just as conditions in society are getting so much worse and the need for abortions so evident. See ‘Psychological Aspects of Abortion’ especially the American Psychiatric Association Position Statement on abortion described in the ‘History of Abortion’ section.

“In fact, it looks like ‘Satan’s Counterfeit Christianity’ will join hands with the rich and powerful to end the practice of abortion just when it’s needed most during the prophesied end times when cruelty becomes more common. In 2 Peter 1:20, Peter is explaining that all prophesy comes directly from God to the prophet. Jesus Christ was told exactly what to say in Luke 23:29 as was Isaiah in Isaiah 65: 20, 23 about the suffering of children in the end times.

“I would strongly advocate studying the United Church of God’s free booklets on prophecy to gain an accurate understanding of it.”