“Another tragic loss of life by another warped mental case and the left-wing talking heads and Democrats blame the President. Who was responsible for prior shootings when Trump wasn’t president?

“If the shooter in El Paso was a Trump supporter and Trump is to blame, then Elizabeth Warren supporter in Dayton would make her guilty of murder as well.

“Every day in Democrat-administered cities, the slaughter of young black men involved with gangs and drugs rarely get attention with numbers far surpassing any of the mass shootings.

“Inner-city killing doesn’t get 24-hour news coverage or flags flown at half-mast for its victims. Is that because most mass killing victims are white?

“And once again, you won’t find any Democrats going to an inner-city to see what can be done about the plight of those trapped in its violence. Where is the black caucus? Where is their concern for their brothers and sisters?”