“Celebrating ‘Independence Day’ seems twisted, when thousands of innocent children are living as prisoners, separated from their parents, which is for all of them a living hell. Don’t be fooled by the president’s show of humanity by reversing his administration’s policy of taking away the children from their immigrant parents seeking asylum here. To quote one analyst, that gesture is like an arsonist taking credit for putting out the fire he started.

“No one knows how long it will take to sort out the chaos created by this administration’s policy of separation. There is no plan in place, and recent policy changes will prolong illegal immigrants’ incarceration. There is a humanitarian crisis on our soil, on our watch. The current administration won’t be affected by the demonstrations being held to show outrage for the fate of these innocent victims. But at least the rest of the world will see that many Americans are fighting to make the United States of America once again ‘the land of the free.’ Until then, I won’t be celebrating Independence Day. I know I couldn’t get through that verse of our national anthem without choking up on those words, not from pride but from shame.

“I am also sad to say I lack the courage to sign my name to this statement. But I’m working on it.”