“To all those protesting their state, local and federal governments because they don’t want their rights trampled on and they don’t want Big Brother telling them what to do, I applaud your efforts.

“That being said, I clearly expect that you will return your IRS Stimulus check — it came from the government. Of course, you will also return your extra $600 a week in unemployment benefits, because certainly, you don’t want that money, it came from the government.

“Lastly, you won’t look to the government to help you and pay your bills when you or a loved one contracts COVID-19 because you can take care of those medical bills yourself.

“I can’t change your behavior nor can you change mine but I prefer to look to and listen to the experts who have far more information than I have regarding this situation. I can access data on web sites, I can read news reports, etc. but they are only a snapshot of all the information available.”