“Even though I agree with the excellent points made by the writer of the letter published Jan. 17, ‘A well-run cannabis industry has positive effects,’ I must strongly disagree with his views on religion and his understanding of the separation of church and state. The framers of the US Constitution were from different religious persuasions. Their desire was that no one religion such as the Catholic church, Methodist church, church of England, etc., gain control of government and force its doctrine or dogma on everyone. They certainly did not mean that religious views should not come into play in lawmaking. We see this clearly in the Declaration of Independence where God is recognized as the Creator.

“‘One’s view of his God will determine how one treats his fellow man, and this will subsequently be articulated in the body of rules, regulations, laws and minutiae collectively referred to as ‘government.’ See ‘Why politics and religion are inseparable.’ For instance, if the people behind the mine project worship mammon or money more than God and/or believe in survival of the fittest, a major tenet of the atheist religion of evolution, they may not be all too concerned with a mine on the Menominee River if they feel the benefits outweigh the harms for them personally.

“Big business, with mammon as its central objective, is systematically destroying the moral fabric of society and ruining public health. The public must wake up to this fact.”