“Regarding the ‘Shootings related to abortion’ sound off, the concept that mass shootings are similar to abortions is ludicrous, and the theory that if I saw some porno, and got a twisted mind I would pick up an AK-47 and mow down some people is equally bad. A fetus cannot walk about and has no family or friends.

“Our country needs cheap, convenient birth control and morning-after pills. Unwanted pregnancies should be terminated in a timely manner with no hassles. After all, we already have too many people on the face of this earth messing it up.

“I keep hoping a medical procedure would be developed that would allow a zygote/fetus could to be transplanted from a woman to a man and become viable. We’ll then see how many of these Bible-thumping, religious zealot ‘white guys’ will line up to receive the fetus carry it to term and raise the child as their own.”