“I found the April 29 letter ‘Founders wanted separation of church, state’ to be informative. To accomplish the goals set forth in the last paragraphs, I would advocate for small house churches based on the early church model of Acts 2:42-47. In small house churches of five to 10 people, the Bible could be studied more actively than in larger groups. Like-minded house churches could meet in larger groups in the parks during good weather like the Acts church since there’s no more temple courts.

“The giving of money to needy causes as a small group would be more direct and personal and would cut out the middleman and church hierarchy. The organized churches do not have the authority or blessing from God to take your tithes or free will offerings. This was only authorized for the Levitical priesthood when the temple existed.

“The upkeep of modern churches of organized Christianity is too prohibitive. You’re basically paying to maintain a building full of idols and images contrary to the commandment in Exodus 20:4. The church services are basically showy events giving the outward appearance of religion with grand pronouncements based on doctrines devised by and passed down from the hierarchy. The people have little active participation.

“We should consider the COVID-19 pandemic to be an end-time event and a fulfillment of the prophecy in Revelation 6:7-8 and act accordingly. Small house churches where people can meet safely and engage in sincere worship and serious study is the best response.”