“Menominee City Manager Tony Graff certainly likes to toot his own horn. When you get down to the bare bone facts, in his first two-year tenure, his actual accomplishments are minimal. He stated publicly that Menominee is the best-kept secret in the U.P.

“Well, Mr. Graff, if you believe that to be true, why haven’t you purchased a home in the city limits and moved your family from Illinois to Menominee? By far the highest paid city manager Menominee has ever had, the citizens of Menominee are not getting what they are paying for. Mr. Graff does not have a strong grasp on finance and budget issues.

“Mr. Graff is lacking the ability to lead by example. His work ethic (actual time spent at city hall) is poor. Mr. Graff’s absence of transparency and accountability to the citizens of Menominee is deficient. The ‘yes man’ approach equals foolish spending. The city has been around this non-commitment block before. Mr. Graff it seems is committed to collecting a large salary while he coats out on his retirement wave.”