“I read Garry Anderson’s letter to the editor published on the Opinion page of the Aug. 27 edition of the EagleHerald. As a past Civil Air Patrol member, I feel compelled to correct his statements. CAP prohibits personnel from using personal aircraft for official activities. It also prohibits members from putting their personal aircraft in their hangars. Two reasons for this: 1) liability; 2) prevent members from benefiting off government agreements for personal gain. Anderson makes this sound like a personal attack, when in fact the local leaders are trying to keep the county out of legal trouble. I suggest Anderson report Ciochetto’s actions to the CAP immediately as he seems to have the particular details, so that they can investigate this violation.

“I have not forgotten the legal issues Anderson put the county in eight years ago as county commissioner. One of these involving his violation of having a lease with the county (lessee) and being a county board member (leaser). Our county is following the recommendations of state and federal agencies. It’s time the small minority of complainers follow the rules as well. Eight years later, have the taxpayers learned anything from this group and their fake news?”