“The author of the Jan. 31 ‘sound off’ would do well to heed the words of King Solomon, in Proverbs 24:23; 28:21, and the words of James in 2:1-4, to not show partiality or favoritism. Both political parties — Democrats and the Republicans — tend to go way overboard with their critical examinations of potential candidates for the Supreme Court as well as in other investigations. Lies, slanders and deceptions are a major part of politics. To what degree a political party, a candidate, or a news outlet engages in such conduct is always open to debate.

“As for President Trump, who has set major records in the lying and deceiving department, he should consider Psalm 12:2-6. It’s clearly the quality and quantity of those lies and who suffers (’the oppressed, the poor, the needy’) as a result of them that counts in the eyes of God.”