“The audacity of NWTC to begin charging nonprofit groups a ‘fee’ for holding meetings at this public facility is criminal. I was told the fee is $20 per hour. When I asked why there is suddenly a fee, the receptionist said it’s because of the referendum.

“Really. Because the taxpayers of Marinette County passed a referendum and now we have a tax levy, NWTC was able to spend $10 million on campus renovations. Get it straight.

“Where are the additional students that were promised due to expansion of programs on the Marinette campus? Why would you spend taxpayer dollars on a huge project when the Marinette enrollment was trending downward? Who is leading this circus?

“I don’t believe other public facilities charge for use of their rooms. This is a lame attempt by the college to drum up money for their failing campus. As a taxpayer, I will not stand for this.”