“For anyone not having a pressing need for their government-issued stimulus deposit — or even a portion of it, an investment in protecting your liberties in the form of donations to the National Rifle Association might be considered. The time has come for a full-blown revolution in this country.

“The government’s control, overstepping to usurp our rights and decisions in our own safety precautions is a tip of the iceberg and has gone way beyond COVID-19. Attorney General Barr also commented it is ‘dangerously close to house arrests.’

“Yet, people stand in President Trump’s way of re-opening the country gradually. Democrat governors of Michigan and Wisconsin are now using us against ourselves — for our own good, of course. They, and other behind-the-scenes national intruders in this issue, including the CDC, don’t care about us or our welfare. It’s all political. Anyone who believes otherwise has probably stockpiled a few hundred bridges they bought over the years.

“Guaranteed: If there was not one case of COVID-19 remaining, those governors would still invent reasons to keep extending shutdowns, sheltering at home and the whole shebang. Isn’t three months of not having access to health care providers, government offices, retailers and being out of work too long? The wolf is at the door bearing its fangs.

“The current March/April issue of IMPRIMIS (a newsletter publication of the prestigious Hillsdale College in Hillsdale, Michigan) is entitled, ‘Thoughts on the Current Crisis’. Hillsdale.edu. They also offer free internet classes on the Constitution, etc.”