“Georgie Anne Geyer’s column published Nov. 29 stated, El Salvador ‘is now essentially ruled by criminal cocaine-running gangs, its over-the-top population growth forced upon it by the Catholic Church having doomed the country.’

“Geyer apparently would like the Catholic Church to change its from the beginning teaching to permit artificial birth control, following the lead of other churches that once taught birth control was a sin, but now approve the practice.

“The Catholic Church doesn’t have the authority to change doctrine. The role of the Catholic Church with respect to the deposit of faith is like a mail carrier, faithfully transmitting the teachings of Christ unchanged throughout the centuries. The Catholic Church doesn’t claim the authority to edit or change God’s truth.

“For example, some ask why the Catholic Church is so cruel that it doesn’t permit divorce. The answer is simple, Christ clearly forbade divorce, and the Catholic Church doesn’t claim the right to change the words of our master.

“The oldest surviving documents date the existence of artificial birth control to 1900 B.C. The Catholic Church, since the time of Christ, has taught artificial birth control is sinful. All churches taught the same until 1930.

“While others claim the right to edit God’s teachings, the Catholic Church remains faithful to the truth. Even though some might say, ‘This is a hard saying, who can listen to it?’ The truth, the whole truth, will set you free.”