“Is impeachment really about seeking truth?

“In a presidential debate, Trump said he would wait and see if he would accept the election results. Hillary promised she would. Democrats predicted a constitutional crisis if election results were not accepted. Hilary lost. She and the Democrats have refused to accept the election results ever since, jumping from one storyline to another to attempt to discredit the duly elected President.

“Note the irony in Democrats creating the constitutional crisis they warned against. Democrats do not hide the fact that they consider themselves superior to the basket of deplorables who voted for Hillary’s opponent.

“Democrats only play the ‘we are a nation of laws’ card when it suits them. When it does not suit Democrats, the laws and the constitution become living documents, which means whatever Democrats want them to mean. In a nation of laws, the second amendment would mean what it says, as would the first and religious freedom, as would the constitution which all honest legal scholars agree nowhere contains the right to abortion or same-sex marriage. Being a nation of laws would interfere with the Democratic agenda. Being a nation of laws would require discipline and self-control.”