“Focus needs to be on more than just the Community REC Center.

“I read with astonishment in the paper on Wednesday (Aug. 14), that the recreation department, is in need of $130,000 to install a cushioned walking track at the brand new Community REC center.

“They are taking pledges, but anything left over would come from a focus on energy grant that the city was just awarded.

“When it comes to the Community REC Center, money sure doesn’t seem to be an issue.

“I remember back to June, there were some parking issues on Riverside Avenue due to the fisherman parking on the south side of the street, in front of the houses. One of the proposals at that time was for the city to pay $27,400 to build a parking area. It was mentioned that money could be an issue, so it should be put in as a capital item and budgeted for 2020.

“Why is it different when it comes to the Community REC Center.

“You’d think a project that started out at $12 million and ended up closer to $18 million would already have a cushioned walking track. That walking track doesn’t even generate revenue.

“Maybe putting some money into the streets or sidewalks or cleaning up this dumpy town would be spent more wisely.”