“Sorry I didn’t get this in sooner, I was out of town and I am just getting caught up on reading the papers now.

“To whoever was trying to compare marijuana and alcohol, there is no comparison. A person can drink a can of beer and in several hours, any effect of the alcohol is gone.

“The person who smokes a joint will have that in their system for a long, long time. Long after the buzz is gone. They might think they are back to perfectly normal, but studies show the brain change with pot use. Nothing comparable to a can of beer. Even more so, among children and young people. And yes, it is indeed a ‘gateway’ drug. Not all weed smokers move on to cocaine and other hard drugs, but nearly all cocaine and other hard drug users started with pot. You are much more likely to try coke or other drugs when your judgment is impaired by pot.

“I have been around long enough to see it happen. Not to mention the pot of today is seven times stronger than the pot of the 1960s.”