“On Saturday, we were eating out and saw a lady with a little girl. We stopped to talk and ask the little girl what grade she was in. Still talking, the mother quietly said her daughter was bullied in school (kindergarten).

“We all said she had the right to go sit in her daughter’s classroom to see what was going on — then go to the school board.

“When we got home, I brought it up to my mother that retired from years of teaching kindergartners. She says the teachers need to nip this right away. You don’t let other kids talk to or treat other kids like this.

“Kindergarten is their best memories. It doesn’t matter what they wear, where they live or what they have, they are children.

“I hope she goes and sits in her child’s room, she has that right. She also said the teacher yells and the children don’t like that.

“I won’t say the name of the school but teachers please read carefully and see if this is going on in your classroom. My mother says to look closer at the ones that’s tattling.”