“The writer for April 28 sound-off ‘Trial by ordeal is only way’ totally misses the mark. It’s God’s reasons for the need for such abortions, under the law of Numbers 5:11-31, that matters.

“The writer also misconstrues my sound-off to suggest approval of abortions that go beyond what’s permitted in Roe vs. Wade and Planned Parenthood vs. Casey, the U.S. Supreme Court decisions that delineate the constitutional boundaries of abortions and permit a woman to legally have an abortion. Under these rulings, states can prohibit late-stage abortions except when necessary to protect the health or life of the mother.

“I don’t know if this writer is from a religion that believes in the end-time events described in biblical prophecy. In Luke 23:29 it says there will be a time when the people say blessed are the women who never had children. I believe we’re in those times now. Look at the rise in birth defects and children born into hostile situations where they suffer immensely. These are ‘children doomed to misfortune,’ Isaiah 65:23.

“I would ask where does the Bible permit so-called Christians to join with politicians to make laws to punish doctors who perform abortions and women who obtain abortions? The people who believe this to be okay are usually ‘The Power Worshippers’ mentioned in the book of that name described in the YouTube video ‘The REAL Reason Evangelicals Elected Trump.’ It’s nothing more than political manipulation by the rich and powerful to maintain their corrupt agenda.”