“Lady Justice wears a blindfold, which symbolizes impartiality — justice must be applied impartially to all without regard for wealth, power, personal or political dislike or status.

“A recent letter writer called the President a corrupt liar. For the sake of discussion let us attempt to honestly apply the same standards to Democrats.

“Elizabeth Warren got a great job teaching law at Harvard by claiming incorrectly to be a Native American. Darn that DNA test which proved otherwise.

“Warren continued her misrepresentations recently by claiming to have been terminated from a teaching job due to pregnancy. Darn those school board minutes which proved otherwise. Where is the outrage?

“Hunter Biden received over $3 million from Ukrainian company Burisma Holdings. Joe Biden brags about getting the Ukrainian prosecutor who was investigating Bursima Holdings fired, admitting he withheld a billion dollars until it happened. Listen to Joe Biden on Youtube. Where is the outrage? Where is the investigation?

“Concern for the truth was absent from the lies and corruption of Democrats attempting to destroy Brett Kavanaugh during Supreme Court confirmation hearings. Democrats displayed their standard “all is fair in war” attitude, believing that any means justify the ends of pushing the agenda, and the truth be ignored if convenient.

“Unregistered voters, new voters and seasoned voters — remember those who came to drain the swamp will be attacked by swamp critters who have no respect for the truth. Do not let them fool you. The truth is not in them.”