“The adage that ‘we meet the best of people in the worst of times’ is never more true than in this time of COVID-19. I have been blessed with the kindness and generosity of my friends and neighbors. There are many examples in this community but today I want to focus on Jack’s Fresh Market in Menominee. I have had my groceries delivered for the past six weeks. What an invaluable service Jack’s has provided. They are always so pleasant and friendly. The order is delivered at no charge the same without error. Jack’s employees have gone out of their way often calling me back if they are out of something and need to substitute even reminding me that something, I ordered may be on sale that week. I cannot say enough for this service to the community. It’s kept me and countless others out of the grocery store and safer at home.

“I will remember this when better times arrive. Jack’s has my loyal business from now on, Heroes appear in all forms We do indeed meet the best of people in the worst of times. In my book, Jack’s is the best. I am grateful.”