“Comparing the smoking of a joint of marijuana to the drinking of a single can of beer is a very unfair comparison and very misleading. The author of the opinion describes the joint as an intoxicant and the single beer as not. Why not compare the use of those strains of marijuana high in CBD and low in THC that do not produce intoxication to that same can of beer? Which would be more beneficial or harmful to the user? And what about comparing the ‘abuse of marijuana’ to the ‘abuse of alcohol’ as experts have done?

“Clearly, alcohol is the most dangerous and destructive to the user and to society as commonsense shows. Likewise, the experts have debunked the marijuana as gateway theory. Most users of marijuana start out first with tobacco, alcohol, inhalants and prescription drugs due to their easy access. It’s the rare person who starts out with marijuana. People who go on to abuse hard drugs on a regular basis do so as a result of character flaws and poor upbringing, not because of marijuana.”