We find it refreshing when local business and industry takes its product to the classroom to better inform young people about their type of work. In many cases it’s about public safety.

Wisconsin Public Service, a utility that has been serving our area communities for more than a century as a spin-off of the M&M Light & Traction Co. and before that the first electric company to function locally, recently took a lesson plan to sixth-grade pupils in Wausaukee. The company has other student districts in its lesson plan.

Called “Path to Ground,” the program spotlights the basics of electrical safety. The program’s namesake is derived from the nature of electricity to seek the fastest route possible to the ground through conductive material, including the human body, which is made up of about 50 to 60 percent water, making it a great electric conductor.

A linesman for WPS, who conducted the presentation, showed students how to avoid becoming a path to the ground for electricity to pass through by respecting all of the caution signs. Some of those caution signs include calling the utility company before digging, assuming all wires are energized and never climbing near power lines for any reason.

To illustrate his presentation, the linesman showed students small-scale demonstrations of the consequences that can happen if the warning signs are not followed. For instance, someone flying a kite that gets caught on a power line, or a person digging a hole strikes a buried utility wire.

Students found out what to do if they are traveling in a car that strikes a utility pole and comes in contact with the wires. The utility advisers told the students to remain in the vehicle and wait for utility workers to arrive on the scene. The utility crews will advise the victims trapped in the vehicle how best to reach safety.

The Path to Ground program has been around a long time. Scores of young people have been educated on the importance of safety involving utilities. In fact, Sue Zahorik, a sixth grade teacher in attendance at a recent demonstration, remembered when she was a student and benefited from the earlier program.

Orchids to WPS and its employees for taking the time to teach safety to our young people when it comes to the dangers of electricity.