Voters in Menominee County did what they should have done on March 10 when they approved two consequential millage proposals. The favorable action will enable two meaningful public services to continue their operations.

One millage supported a property tax to finance the Menominee County Central Dispatch Center. The tax levy will provide a little more than $499,000 for staffing and making necessary upgrades in equipment. The Dispatch Center covers all emergency dispatching, which includes law enforcement, medical and fire dispatches.

These services not only provide assistance for residents who reside in the county, but to the large number of visitors and guests.

The second millage supported a tax levy that will provide funding for the Menominee County Library. The county library system took a hit in August 2019 when the Menominee County Board of Commissioners slashed $25,000 from its operating budget. The only way the county library board could make up that money without reducing public services was to seek operating millage from county residents.

The county library board will review its game plan for the next five years, the length of the voted millage. The board is seeking public input for its strategic planning purposes, a wise move on the board’s part.

More than 3,900 voters went to the polls in an unusually quiet election date to support increasing their property taxes. Both proposals were approved by wide margins. The outcome was a clear indication that a sizable number of voters in Menominee County support two segments of public services that are important to them.