The Marinette Police Department recently issued a reminder that it will continue to employ a High Visibility Enforcement (HVE) program on heavily traveled Hall Avenue, one of the main traffic routes in the city. At the time of its news release the department had logged 31 traffic stops, issued 18 traffic citations, 15 traffic warnings and made one felony drug arrest. The HVE program will continue throughout the summer based on the availability of the department’s personnel.

The traffic register to date may not sound like an alarming number of traffic stops, arrests and so forth when compared to larger municipalities, but let’s stop and ponder what the consequences could have been had the officers not been devoting time and effort to the Hall Avenue thoroughfare. The early warning bulletins and the presence of police patrol cars in the pathway through town alone could have played a role in slowing down traffic, especially in school zones.

We’re aware that residents living on other busy street connections in the city have gripes about speeders, reckless drivers and other traffic offenders. But the police department can pick and choose its “hot spots” based on traffic studies, number of complaints and so forth.

The purpose of the HVE program is to check unlawful traffic behaviors and reduce the number of traffic accidents, injuries and fatalities. It is not a program aimed at increasing arrests as some faultfinders like to point out.

While on the subject of traffic behavior, school doors will soon be closed for the summer vacation period, families will be heading on vacation and a busy schedule of activities has been lined up in Marinette, Menominee and surrounding localities. This should be a warning sign for all drivers, no matter the street or what part of town.

Bicycle and pedestrian traffic will increase considerably. Be watchful of kids crossing the street and by all means pay attention to the bicycle paths. This is a twofold warning because pedestrians and bicyclists need to follow the rules, too.

A long and cruel winter season and a chilly and rainy spring should have prepared all of us for an eventful and joyful summer break. The fun, however, begins with safety whether we are on foot, bicycle or motor vehicle.