Thumbs up to Menominee County Chapter 25 of Disabled Veterans of America for giving tri-county area folks an opportunity to visit the imposing tribute known as the “Remembering Our Fallen” memorial. The traveling remembrance memorial is dedicated to veterans who sacrificed their lives in the growing number of wars on terror that has shaken the roots of America, but has not shaken her spirit.

Because of our country’s supreme military power, the evils of the world have chosen to strike in small numbers and at unsuspecting times in order to inflict pain and suffering — and death — on America’s homeland. The traveling memorial honors those who have died in those skirmishes.

The memorial was positioned at picturesque Veterans Memorial Park in Menominee’s downtown district, where the sparkling waters of Green Bay provide a ravishing backdrop.

A steady flow of rain on Monday dampened the turnout on the final day of its display, but David Thompson, adjunct for DAV 25 and his comrades involved in the appearance of the memorial here, were generally pleased with the public’s response during the three-day weekend.

The memorial appearing here was a little different than many of the memorials that honor the fallen. This memorial listed the names of deceased veterans, their ages, hometown and the cause of death. Additional depth to the display had an official military picture and a personal picture provided by their families. Between dawn and dark the names of each veteran who died in the wars on terror were read aloud. Some 6,900 names were spoken aloud, while another 5,100 veterans were listed in the memorial.

According to Thompson, approximately 70% of veterans in the fight on terror are included in the display. He said the name of a veteran cannot be listed without the consent of the family. Because all of the veterans who died in the wars on terror aren’t listed in the display, the memorial is considered an ongoing project.

The memorial, a product of Patriotic Productions, travels the country coast-to-coast to maintain a presence of honor for those who died in the wars of terror. It is indeed a solemn display of honor, respect and appreciation to those who have made the supreme sacrifice. It is a dignified way to prove that America never forgets her fallen heroes.

Our communities are grateful that the “Remembering Our Fallen” gave us the opportunity to learn more about the history of a different kind of warfare and the enormous sacrifices that went with protecting America’s interests.