The summer is moving along faster than some of the storm clouds that circled our area this year. Despite some inclement weather, M&M area residents have had the opportunities to enjoy a fun-filled summer. From fishing tournaments to the Marinette Logging and Heritage Festival, Menominee Waterfront Festival, sailing races, baseball and golf tournaments, concerts, the popular antique car and art shows, and an array of other entertaining events, it’s been a fun-filled summer.

The best part of all of this is that the summer of fun isn’t over yet. There’s more to come. We encourage our readers to keep an eye on our EHCommunity Calendar, which runs daily in this newspaper and in the weekend Action Sunday edition.

One of the longest-running events is coming alive again in the form of the Cedar River Bridge Walk, which takes place Aug. 31. The walk was started decades ago as sort of a mimic to the famous Mackinac Bridge Walk, which attracts multi-thousands of people on Labor Day weekend. The Cedar River event features food, beer, music, games and other sorts of entertainment.

The Cedar River Walk may be on a much smaller scale than the Mackinac Bridge amusement, but we’re not sure who has the most fun overall. If you like pedestrian and vehicular traffic bottlenecks with your adventure, the walk over the Straits of Mackinac is your best bet. If you like a peaceful and serene setting as a backdrop for fun, the choice is Cedar River.

A parade across the bridge will begin shortly after opening ceremonies and the crowning of Bridge Walk royalty at 11 a.m. There will be games for children.

Something new has been added to the bridge walk this year. It’s called “Surstromming” The challenge comes in slightly salted raw and fermented herring. This type of food has traditional Swedish cuisine since the 16th century. Herring also was a favorite food in the M&M region more than a half-century ago. Herring was in abundance in local waters. Commercial fishermen shipped thousands of tons of pickled herring to the Midwest and East Coast markets where it was in high demand. A considerable amount of the herring came from the Cedar River harbor where commercial fishing was a source of income for many families.

People who never experienced the fun at the Cedar River Bridge Walk should mark the date down on their calendars. Those who were there in prior years will want to return.