If there’s ever a body of government that can find more ways to dilly-dally around before making a decision, its the Menominee County Board of Commissioners. That’s why we think County Administrator Jason Carviou makes the most sense when the topic is discussed by the airport committee. 

Carviou believes that the county administrator should be handling the administrative duties at Menominee Regional Airport and the position of part-time linemen should be a full-time post, which would eliminate the need for a full-time airport manager. We hope the committee, and eventually the full county board, will support the Carviou theory. 

Here’s why we think the county administrator is the best person to handle the airport’s administrative duties. His office already handles a majority of those duties. He pointed out that all contracts, grants and agreements now pass through his office. He recommended that this be the case now and in the future should the position of administrator change. 

Menominee County hasn’t had an airport manager for several years. Jeff LaFleur, who has been an all-around loyal employee at the airport for many years, currently holds the airport manager/lineman position. He handles the day-to-day operations at the airport. He is the only person on staff with the certification to act as airport manger. 

Carviou suggested to the committee that the county hire a second full-time lineman with the same qualifications to help airport operations run smoother. He said it would not be necessary for the county to hire a full-time airport manager if a second full-time lineman was on board, noting that a second lineman would be available if LaFleur was unable to perform his duties.

Carviou’s position drew support from County Commissioner Steve Gramala, a member of the airport committee. He said having a second full-time lineman in the lineup would also benefit the airport operation should LaFleur approach retirement. Commissioner Gerald Piche also liked the Carviou proposal, but cautioned about making promises to the new employee about stepping into the number one position should LaFleur leave.

While the Menominee Regional Airport situation has been in such a mess for years now, we remain hopeful it will get fixed. We suspect progress will be slow and will take time to develop, but the county has to start somewhere. We think the Carviou plan is a good place to start. Hopefully, the pace will pick up and life at the airport will show the promise it was intended.