Some of the best things in life are worth waiting for.

We believe that cliche will hold true regarding the Community REC Center.

Last week, Marinette city officials announced that the brand new multi-million facility will open in late January. A series of open houses are slated for the fourth week of January.

When it finally happens, the opening will be more than 10 months after the initial target date of March 1, 2018. Cold weather was the original culprit, but what really set the project behind was improperly-installed exterior wall panels.

The wall-panel issue resulted in the city seeking outside legal counsel and the project was re-bid in late May. A settlement between the city and the original contractor Scherrer Construction, with headquarters in Burlington, Wis., has yet to be reached.

The Boldt Company of Appleton did the work on the panel repair, which was completed earlier this month.

All told, the $17 million project was about $1 million over budget and delayed by going on a year.

There’s plenty of frustration to go around. City personnel, youth hockey supporters, generous donors and anyone with an interest in the facility feel various levels of frustration.

There has been so much support for this project. Mayor Steve Genisot and the city council are behind it 100 percent. Countless donors, from big industries to private individuals, have opened their wallets.

The people we empathize most with are the hockey seniors from last year’s M&M Thunder team who never got to play on the new ice. Many of their families donated to the cause.

Regarding hockey, we’ve heard of some comments on social media that the center is only for one sport — hockey. To that, we 100 percent disagree.

Hockey is one of many groups and individuals who will enjoy the Community REC Center.

The new facility will support large events such as concerts and trade shows, as well as these sports, besides hockey, soccer, baseball, softball, basketball, tennis, curling and indoor track events. The building is split into three large spaces: A turf gym, a traditional gym section and an ice hockey rink, all connected by a front hallway with satellite restrooms, meeting rooms, offices, storage space and locker rooms.

We encourage all the naysayers to take advantage of the open house sessions next month. Go inside, look around. We think you will be impressed. And once the facility opens, make use of it. We don’t think you will be disappointed.