The Green Bay Packers may have had back-to-back losing seasons that cost their head coach his job, but don’t count on seeing ticket prices remaining the same for the 2019 season.

According to the Green Bay Press-Gazette, ticket prices have nearly doubled in nine years, but Packers fans still pay less for mid-field and end zone seats at historic Lambeau Field than their counterparts in most stadiums. Despite the increases, the Packers still can claim to be in the middle of the league in average ticket prices.

The Press-Gazette says fans can thank the Lambeau Field bowl and its benches for the middle-of-the-pack position. Lambeau has no tiers and its the only stadium in the NFL that has aluminum benches for the majority of its seating, which means Green Bay can pack more people into a smaller space without changing ticket prices.

The Packers have only five ticket levels in the Lambeau bowl while teams such as the New Orleans Saints and San Francisco 49ers have eight or more prices. Green Bay in 2018 ranked 25th lowest of the 28 teams for which prices were available for midfield seats, according to the Press-Gazette. They ranked 20th of 28 teams for end zone seat prices.

Packers President and CEO Mark Murphy has said the team wants to keep prices in the middle of the NFL, balancing a fine line between keeping other teams happy by not charging enough and Green Bay fans happy by not charging too much. The Packers reportedly ranked below the league average in 2017.

Green Bay has the fourth largest capacity in the NFL, with three-fourths of its seats on benches. Bowl seating makes up about 87 percent of Lambeau Field.

Regular season ticket prices for seats between the 20-yard lines at Lambeau Field are $136. End zone seats are $109. 

Compare those prices with the Los Angeles Chargers at $337.50 for mid-field seats in the NFL. The New Orleans Saints’ rank No. 2 at $320 per ticket. Others in the top five include the Carolina Panthers at $210, Los Angeles Rams at $202.50 and San Francisco 49ers at $200. Green Bay ranks 25th in the league at $123. The Los Angeles Chargers get $139.50 for zone prices and the New England Patriots are at $135.

Green Bay fans upset at the ticket prices at Lambeau should know that the season-ticket turnover averages less than 1 percent a year, according to the Packers. And to top that off, the packers have 130,000 people on their waiting list. 

The NFL has the No. 1 sports league in America. The league has a tremendous marketing program and it shows when the league gives television, radio, newspapers and other newsmakers plenty to talk about in a 12-month cycle.