Although it happened a month ago, we haven’t forgotten about the fact the Menominee Regional Airport approved its first commercial operation contract in 10 years. That’s a long time folks to be in the business trade and finally ink a commercial operation contract.

The contract is between Menominee County and the M&M Aviation LLC, a business that had been operating in neighboring Delta County. M&M Aviation was convinced Menominee Regional Airport was the place to be for its line of work, which includes maintenance and limited training to users of the airport.

County Administrator Jason Carviou informed the county board that M&M Aviation was impressed with what Menominee Regional Airport had to offer. The Menominee facility long has been regarded as a good fit for small town aviation and its capabilities of serving commercial passenger service, cargo transportation and private aviation. The airport has served the needs of the area’s corporate sector because of its booming economy.

According to Carviou, M&M Aviation will be located in a county-owned hangar for its business purposes, using a portion of the large facility which would permit the county to leasing out the remaining space. The administrator pointed out the agreement would provide a two-fold benefit for the county. One, it will provide services to airport users, and, two, it will have the potential to increase the airport’s revenue. The number of aircraft coming to the airport for services is expected to increase, which will help boost fuel sales.

M&M Aviation also is expected to provide some advanced classes in flight instruction, but not for first-time pilots.

Our newspaper has a history of supporting the needs of a regional airport in Menominee County following the breakup in ownership relations between Menominee and Marinette counties. Our criticism was with the political shenanigans that occurred far too long and stymied the growth and excellence of a small town airport. The remaking of the county board over time helped to remove the negative voices, but the damage they did proved to be a burden for advancing the interests of the airport.

We like the way the county commissioners, with Carviou as their pointman, are working hard to improve the opportunities that are available to Menominee Regional Airport. The contract with M&M Aviation could be just the beginning of a new era for the local airport.