It appears plans for a major housing project will move forward this fall once the preliminary details are accounted for on property that once was the address for a major manufacturing company that produced knitted garments that were worn worldwide.

Bryan A. Polzin of Polzin Property Management LLC of Marinette, and Bill Aubrey of Bayland Buildings Inc. have unveiled plans for a 16-unit luxury condominium, perhaps more than that, on property on Pierce Avenue at Parnell Street. The spacious land once was the site of the Marinette Knitting Mills, owned by the former Lauerman Bros. Department Store network, a historic fixture in the early history of the city.

Building projects of this magnitude are complex. The developer and contractor need to jump through a barrel of preliminary details before the first shovel of dirt is unearthed. This takes time, and sometimes more money to meet the required stipulations under zoning laws and related regulations. 

A bump in the road occurred recently when the city’s Plan Commission was forced to delay moving forward because of a snafu at city hall when notices of a public hearing weren’t mailed to neighboring property owners in time to attend a public hearing on the proposed project. The botch was unfortunate and unintentional and the matter will be fixed. Neighbors have the opportunity to inspect the overall plan at city hall in advance of the next meeting.

The plan calls for the condominiums to be a mixture of one, two and three-bedroom spaces ranging from 900-square feet to 1,600-square feet. Polzin also is looking to build another set of condos for a total of 32 housing units.

Polzin is basing his ambitious project on a Marinette County survey that showed a dire need for additional housing in the community due to a robust job market with local industries.

The old factory building that was the site of the knitting mills was destroyed by fire. Polzin worked with city officials in the cleanup of the property, a project that also was underscored with complex regulations. The time-worn structure sat idle for years while realtors and municipal leaders attempted to find a use for the property. In the meantime, neighbors in the vicinity became upset because the property had turned into an eyesore.

We commend Mr. Polzin and his associates for coming up with a development plan that will appeal to the neighborhood and at the same time lessen the housing shortage in the area. We encourage everyone concerned about the development project to carefully inspect the proposed development, appreciate the substantial investment involved in the overall project and the positive results it will have on the community when it is completed.