It wasn’t a major renovation by any stretch of the imagination, but the recent improvements at “Triangle Park” in the heart of the U.S. 41 corridor through Menominee is a noticeable piece of work.

Long known as Triangle Park because of its location on 10th Street (U.S. 41), at 7th Street and 18th Avenue, the small but cozy-looking place of welcome to Menominee was named in honor of the Higley Family a few decades ago in recognition of the family’s distinguished public service.

Three new flagpoles were installed. The American flag is positioned in the middle and is flanked by the state and city flags. Other improvements spruced up the fountain area and concrete work. A memorial stone honors the Higley family and a plaque was added as a tribute to the Stang family, which has made significant contributions to the welcome haven on the north side of the city. The Higley and Stang families have a lengthy register of public and civic service to the community.

The park actually was a busy little neighborhood playground more than a half-century ago when traffic conditions were less congested than present-day life. The neighborhood kids played softball, baseball and football in the park without worrying about traffic. It was a place where such athletes of yesteryear like Billy Wells, Bob “Boomer” Norcross, Dick Erdmann, Mike and John Doyle, and others recruited their friends from other neighborhoods “for a game of ball.”

The city received a $5,000 grant and the Stang family donated $7,000 for park alterations.

It’s nice to see the city take care of the smaller parks and playgrounds. It’s an attractive and peaceful setting for south and northbound traffic motoring through town. Perhaps a honk of the horn when passing the park will let city leaders and namesake families know the improvements are appreciated.