Thirty-two years ago, M&M residents woke up to learn about one of the most heinous crimes in more than a century when an 11-year-old Marinette girl was abducted from her home on Cleveland Avenue in the middle of the night. The date was July 10, 1987. 

Two-and-one-half years later the body of Tammy Lynn Maciulis was recovered in Georgia.

The search for Tammy Lynn was one of the most massive undertakings ever seen in Marinette County. Hundreds of volunteers joined area law enforcement in searching for the girl. Clue-after-clue was checked out. Law enforcement officers worked tirelessly on the case that captured the hearts and souls of M&M area citizens and people far beyond the borders of Marinette and Menominee counties.

We were recently attracted to a news article in this newspaper about family and friends of Tammy Lynn who never forgot her memory by selling chocolate fudge trays, boxed chocolates, coffee and candy bars at Marinette Farm & Garden & Pets Too store on Hattie Street. Proceeds from the sale were added to the Tammy Maciulis Memorial Scholarship Fund. The fund was organized in 2007 in memory of Tammy, the daughter of Phyllis Makowski and Tony Maciulis.

The scholarship fund awards high school seniors of Menominee and Marinette who are entering a higher education program to study law enforcement. The group has given out 24 scholarships to date. Two more will be awarded next spring. 

Tammy Lynn’s family was so impressed with the investigative efforts of the Marinette Police Department and other law enforcement agencies they chose to establish the scholarship fund in honor of high school seniors interested in law enforcement. Lt. Jeff Skorik of the Marinette Police Department led the investigation. Skorik was later promoted to police chief, a position he retired from to enter the private sector. He was cited by Tammy Lynn’s family for his personal interest in the case.

It is inspiring that the memory of Tammy Lynn continues to live on in our twin communities more than three decades later, and that deserving high school seniors interested in careers in law enforcement are recipients of scholarships in her honor.