Time is the fastest sprinter in the world. Local residents who toughened out the previous winter were anxiously waiting for spring. Then summer. Soon it will be fall and then winter again. Ugh!

There’s another season we will soon be facing and one that is never welcome. It’s called the flu season. It seems the last flu season just ended and now it’s time to prepare for the next one. According to health care officials, the last flu season ended in April and in doing so set a decade-long record in hospitalizations before petering out.

The next flu season is due to start in October and the American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that early vaccination is vital for children. In fact, pediatricians are recommending that children be vaccinated by Halloween. A story published recently in USA TODAY said an organization representing pediatricians advise that children ages six months and older get a flu vaccination.

Natasha Kelley, infection preventionist at Aurora Medical Center-Bay Area in Marinette, wrote an article on our Healthy Life Page Aug. 7 warning readers to prepare now for the flu season.

“For most of us, the flu means a week or two of misery and significant lost time from work or school,” she wrote. “That’s bad enough, but a certain number of persons each year develop life-threatening complications such as pneumonia or worsening of asthma, diabetes, heart or lung disease; pregnant women; seniors age 65 years and over and young children. Persons who live with or care for persons at risk of complications should also be sure to get a flu shot,” she noted.

According to Ms. Kelley, a registered nurse, flu viruses are constantly changing, and the vaccine each year is developed to protect against the three viruses public health experts expect to be most prevalent.

It’s time to think about scheduling your flu shot. Time is fleeting. We live in a five season area — spring, summer, fall, winter and the flu season. The flu season is the toughest of them all.