Farmers in particular and the field of agriculture in general have been major newsmakers lately for varying reasons. Most of the attention has focused on political and economic issues.

We think there’s another important subject that deserves major attention and it has to do with Philip and Laura Finger, Marinette County farmers who were recently crowned the Wisconsin Outstanding Younger Farmers for 2020. This is a prestigious award folks. A tremendous amount of time, effort and plain old-fashioned hard work goes into a venture like this before recipients are crowned the best in the state in what they do.

The couple, who reside in the Town of Little River in Oconto County, operate the Finger Family Farm, which is located in the Town of Grover in Marinette County. They received the state award on Jan. 25 in Chippewa Falls. The Marinette County Board of Supervisors, at its February meeting, recognized the achievement of the Fingers.

Supervisor Ted Sauve, one of the longest-serving members of the county board and chairman of the board’s Development Committee, noted the Fingers operate a farm that includes 540 dairy cows and 20 employees. He said the husband-wife team was “the best of six nominees” for the state honor.

“Marinette County and this board is very proud of the Fingers being the recipients of this award,” said Sauve. “They will compete for the national honors in 2021 and they also will host the County Breakfast on the Farm in 2022.” The latter is a major social activity in Marinette County each year and attracts large crowds to the event.

Mark Anderson, board chairman, presented a certificate of appreciation to the Fingers.

“It gives me great pleasure to present this to somebody in the farming community,” Anderson said. “As you know, I am a dairy farmer. It has been a lost art in this community.”

Anderson called the Fingers “true advocates” of Farming and lauded them for promoting farming and modern agriculture.

Philip Finger thanked Scott Reuss, agriculture and Horticulture agent for Marinette and Oconto counties, for nominating him and his wife for the award. Finger also extended appreciation to his parents who were on hand for the recognition, and for other Marinette County farmers who pitch in and help each other out.

Philip and Laura Finger are carrying on a family tradition that perhaps ranks as one of the oldest in Wisconsin. The Finger Family Farm dates to 1872.

We join all of Marinette County and Oconto County residents in extending congratulations to the Finger family for winning this distinguished honor. And we wish them well when they host the Marinette County Dairy Day Breakfast on the Farm in 2022 and when they compete for national honors in 2021.