This is the season for football coaches to change jobs. Some get fired. Some retire from the game to pursue other vocations. Some quit one job to accept a coaching position for another team. At the college or professional levels it’s a game of musical chairs.

There’s one man, however, who loves the coaching profession so much that he’s been in the business for more than 50 years. The impressive span covers college and professional. He’s coached in the National Football League (NFL) and now is coaching in the Canadian Football League (CFL).

Meet Jerry Glanville who has connections to the Upper Peninsula. The Detroit native played football at Northern Michigan University in Marquette. And he never forgot NMU and friends he made while at the college.

Glanville spent his first season in the Canadian Football League as the defensive coach coordinator of the Hamilton Tigercats after serving as a guest coach in 2017.

In an interview with the Associated Press, Glanville said he loved his job in the CF. “I love everything about it,” he told the AP. “It’s great fun, great players, the players play hard. It’s just been totally a great experience.”

Glanville took his first coaching job in 1967 as the defensive coordinator at Western Kentucky. He spent 20 seasons in the NFL, including nine as head coach with Houston (1985-1989) and Atlanta (1990-1993). It was with the Oilers when the fun-loving Glanville coined the now famous phrase “NFL means ‘not for long’” while ripping into an official for a bad call.

Probably one of the more colorful coaches to coach football, Glanville often stood on the sideline donned in black with sunglasses, he’s left tickets at will for the late Elvis Presley and rubbed many people the wrong way with his words and instincts. “The brave and courageous don’t live forever but those who aren’t don’t live at all,” he said.

The Hamilton job reunited Glanville with Tigercats head coach June Jones who has been around football a long time. Glanville was on the staff of the Atlanta Falcons when Jones as a quarterback with the club (1977-1978), and the two and have worked together in both the NFL (Houston and Atlanta) and NCAA (Hawaii).

A former product of the football-rich programs offered in the Detroit area, Glanville now calls Knoxville, Tennessee his home. He often returned to the campus of NMU to visit friends and play some golf for charity fundraisers.

It’s nice to see someone who has been in the coaching profession for more than a half a century still enjoying what he likes to do. Can you imagine how many players have experienced the fun and sometimes crazy antics of Jerry Glanville for the last half century, plus the fans who may not have always liked the way he coached but enjoyed his funny remarks and instincts. Some may have even fantasized when they picked up a ticket at one of Elvis Presley’s haunted ticket windows.

Maybe more coaches should step back a tiny bit, take a deep breath and have some fun in life even if it means building a much-traveled resume, or just relaxing at an Elvis Presley show.