Congratulations to Marinette Mayor Steve Genisot on his recent appointment to the board of directors of the League of Wisconsin Municipalities.

The appointment shows that state leaders are taking notice of Genisot, and others, who are helping our community grow and prosper.

Genisot’s appointment was announced Jan. 31. League President and Wisconsin Rapids Mayor Zach Vruwink explained why the board chose the Marinette mayor. 

“I found that Mayor Genisot is very passionate and knowledgeable about his community and that is something we look for in our board members,” he told the EagleHerald.

This is a sound decision and good news for our area. Marinette will have someone front and center on a key state panel.

According to its website, the League of Wisconsin Municipalities was created Dec. 14, 1898, to help Wisconsin cities and villages share ideas and learn from one another, to train and provide information to the people elected and appointed to govern those cities and villages, and to advocate on their behalf with the Wisconsin Legislature, Governor and state agencies.

The League has a network of 602 municipalities (190 cities and 412 villages) with the City of Milwaukee being the largest with a population of more than 591,000 and the Village of Big Falls being the smallest with a population of 57 people. There are 16 board members and Genisot is the only director north of Green Bay and east of Wausau. 

Vruwink said it’s important to have a community like Marinette represented on the board because of its geographic diversity and size.

Genisot, who was appointed to a three-year term, is gracious for the appointment and the opportunity to represent this part of the state. He said he anticipates focusing on issues that affect Marinette and developing solutions that can apply to municipalities across Wisconsin.

Genisot is in his fifth year as mayor and a lot has been accomplished. The Community REC Center was built in that time and the Pine Tree Mall area has seen revitalization. Grants have been obtained to help with the Menekaunee harbor and park area, while the battle to get legislation passed to help in the fight against environment pollutants known as per and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) has gained momentum.

The league highlighted those issues when making its appointment.

Gail Sumi, the communications director for the league, said one of the key functions is to have a network of more than 600 cities and villages that can share information and learn from each other.

Thanks to the appointment of Genisot, Marinette will have someone in the front lines of the League of Wisconsin Municipalities.