A drive down Riverside Avenue in the vicinity of the Hattie Street Bridge will let you know fishermen are present. Vehicles of all types line the street. The only parking available is on the street unless you cross the bridge into Menominee where some off-street parking is available.

Residents on Riverside voiced their objections about the parking problem at a recent meeting of the city’s Public Safety and Code Enforcement Committee. We can’t blame them for being upset.

First of all, street parking shifted from the north side of Riverside to the south side when Riverside Avenue underwent a major overhaul. Why no one of political wisdom didn’t think about the potential consequences is a mystery. Parking should have remained on the north side where there are no dwellings between the bridge and the paper mill property.

Residents complained that fishermen now park in front of their homes when they take their fishing pole and tackle box to the bridge area to pursue their treasures. Some fishermen even block the driveway of residents. Others block the fire hydrants. There’s a noise factor when cars are parked in front of residents who may be relaxing in the confines of their property.

And then there’s the garbage issue. Fishermen leave their wastes like soda and coffee cups, and bottled water containers on the lawn, sidewalk or curb of the residents. Fishing lines also contribute to the eyesore.

The nuisance complaints don’t only occur in the spring, summer and fall. Fishermen are also at their hideaway in the winter months when they’re busy making holes in the ice to drop their lines.

Fishing is a big recreation sport during the four seasons we have available to us. The Menominee River and the Hattie Street Bridge area are favorite fishing grounds. Fishermen from outside the area come to our two cities to join the locals in pursuing the various species. We welcome fishermen to our communities to have fun and catch fish.

We also think local residents shouldn’t have to put up with the mischievous fishermen who show no respect for the property of others. Beefed-up police patrols alone aren’t the answer.

Alderman Jeff Skorik, who represents Ward 2 on the city council and serves as chairman of the committee fielding the complaints, probably summed it up best when he said: “I think I would be frustrated if some of that was going on in front of my house, too.” The former police chief of Marinette encouraged Riverside residents to notify the police department if a vehicle is blocking a driveway or fire hydrant, “no matter what time of the night it is.”

We are counting on Alderman Skorik and his colleagues on the council to take the necessary steps to correct the problem for the residents on Riverside Avenue. The thoroughfare is one of the more pleasant drives in the city. Residents and travelers shouldn’t have to contend with rowdies and their wrongdoings.