The installation of a dog park was an off-and-on discussion in the cities of Marinette and Menominee for more than a decade. Nothing happened. The dog park issue perked up in the Peshtigo area about two years ago. The Town of Peshtigo and the City of Peshtigo made it happen. A dog park opened in the town Aug. 17 and is identified as the Town of Peshtigo Dog Park (TOP).

“It was a long process that started-out with a different group of people, moved around and finally found a spot in Peshtigo,” said Justine Raygo, president of the TOP Dog Park. “It’s been a long road that we couldn’t have been able to finish without all of our community supporters,” she added.

The park is located on a city-owned site within the Town of Peshtigo. The location created some logistical problems for park organizers, which prolonged the approval process. The park is located at N1643 Harbor Road, Peshtigo.

The organization leases the property from the City of Peshtigo Working through the complicated legal channels involving the town and the city prevented the park from opening earlier. In the meantime, dog owners and their pets waited for the technical stuff to unravel.

For now, one acre of the property is fenced. TOP operators wanted to get the facility up and running so dog owners and their pals could be safe romping in the strange environment. Organizers even took into consideration the many tourists that visit the area with their dogs in the travel plans.

Future plans call for fencing three additional acres to allow for separation of small and large dogs. For the time being, all dogs will have use of the one-acre area. A walking path also is in the long-range plans.

Keep in mind that all of the TOP Dog Park workers are volunteers. Funds will be needed to maintain the park and to make additional improvements. The fee structure is split into two categories. An annual pass for $20 for the first dog and $10 for each additional dog will be charged. A daily pass is $3. Annual passes can be obtained at Mighty Pet in Menominee. A box is positioned at the park grounds for daily users.

Rules are posted at the park. The rules include cleaning up dog waste. Doggie bags are available at the park.

A tremendous amount of planning and labor has gone into this much-needed facility. The popularity of dogs in our area is well-known, but the conduct of some undisciplined dog owners has caused problems.

Our area finally has a dog park where people can take their pets. Thumbs up to all of the volunteers who sparked this effort. We think it’s imperative that dog owners utilizing the park follow the rules to keep the site tidy and inviting. Your dog is counting on you too.