It’s a new year but we believe it’s appropriate to rehash an inspiring story that happening in late 2018 and involved a courageous women, a loyal pooch and a big black bear. The setting was in a rural town near Muncy, Pennsylvania.

Melinda LeBarron took her chihuahua-mix dog for a walk around 6 p.m. when the pooch began barking. LeBarron, 52, who works as a food prepper at a steakhouse restaurant, looked around to see what was causing her dog to bark. The next thing she knew she was on the ground getting slammed around by a black bear who dragged her about 80 yards through her yard, across a road and into a thicket. The dog, who’s name happens to be Bear, tried to intervene, biting the black bear several times. Some of LeBarron’s clothing was ripped off in the process. The attack left a trail of blood.

Eventually, the woman went limp, and the bear took an interest in the dog. This gave her a chance to hide in a small bush. She hurled a stick to distract the bear and finally made her way home to call a relative for help, telling them the black bear showed her no mercy.

Bear — the dog — somehow found his way back to his home and was found whimpering beneath a bed.

LeBarron, who faces a long recovery from her injuries, credited the beloved dog for saving her life. Wildlife officials believe the black bear was a sow with cubs and the attack occurred after the dog ran toward the bears.

Not even the oddsmakers in Nevada would bet on the chances of a chihuahua holding off a big black bear. But Bear — little chihuahua — beat the odds. This was a showdown between two Davids (LeBarron and her dog) and Goliath. Although shaken and scarred, the two Davids won.

Kudos to LeBarron and Bear for their courageous fight against the odds. We think Bear — the dog — deserves a juicy steak at LeBarron’s steakhouse.