The Menominee City Council wisely accepted the recommendation of the Marina Management Group (MMG) to purchase an ice protection system at a cost not to exceed $70,000. The system is needed to protect the fixed docks at the marina.

Jim Kudlicki, long-serving chieftain of MMG, made the pitch for the equipment when he addressed the city council’s Parks and Recreation/Building and Grounds Committee earlier this month. The committee was convinced after Kudlicki ‘s presentation and recommended the equipment be purchased. The council approved the recommendation at its Aug. 19 session.

High water levels have caused problems at marinas across Michigan. State officials predict there may be a slight decrease in water levels by October, but boaters aren’t comfortable with the prediction and what Mother Nature has been offering.

According to Kudlicki, the ice protection system will pump air through tubes into the water to create artificial water movements that deters ice formations. The problem with this, he explained, is that when the steel is in the water, the ice can grab the steel and push and twist it along with the utility lines that are hooked up to the docks. The protection system will help weaken the ice formations and lessens its strength.

Kudlicki said the MMG still anticipates some ice damage during the winter months, but the protection system will help control the damage from reaching more serious heights.

MMG has been a lifesaver for the city with its management skills in operating the marina over the years. One of the best moves the city made several decades ago was putting the trust in the operation of the marina into the hands of people who understand boating. The marina is not only an attraction for boaters but for non-boaters as well. It’s hard to take a drive through the marina area in the summer months and find a parking spot. And the parked vehicles don’t all belong to boaters. You’ll see many people parked along the waterfront simply to enjoy the action inside and outside the marina.

The summer recreation and entertainment schedule is filled with activities that give local folks and visitors a diverse mixture of things to enjoy.

The MMG needs the support of the city and it’s good to see the city council responding to its needs in a responsible and prudent way.