The Cottages at Lake Park on Marinette’s Lake Park Drive at Cleveland Avenue will open later this month to provide much-needed services for a growing number of people who are suffering from dementia-related illnesses. It will be the latest in a number of health care facilities available in our community.

Alzheimer’s disease is perhaps one of the more misunderstood ailments in the eyes of the general public. Even those people close to loved ones suffering from the disease have difficulty understanding the impact of the sickness. The construction of the new 28-unit memory care facility will provide individuals and their families the passion, respect, dignity and expertise for the care of memory-related issues, such as Alzheimer’s and dementia.

When it opens, the facility will serve as one of the only specialized memory-care units in Marinette County. The Cottages also operate two other memory-care facilities in Oconto Falls and Shawano.

Tom Kosman, who serves as executive director of The Cottages Assisted Living and Memory Care, noted various inquiries regarding care have come from as far as Green Bay because the Marinette location will represent the nearest facility devoted to specific treatment of dementia and related diseases.

Mandy Ward, who will serve as the memory care director for the Marinette facility, pointed out the necessity memory care plays in an aging population.

“I think Marinette County, in general, is one of those places where people are aging,” she said. “And families today are not as equipped as they used to be to care for loved ones in their own homes.”

Ward said that illnesses like Alzheimer’s weigh heavily, both mentally and physically, on an entire family. For example, she explained that individuals suffering from Alzheimer’s frequently experience insomnia or become easily disoriented and anxious. The tremendous care and attention required to look after someone with Alzheimer’s can often inhibit a healthy social life for a caregiver.

“Sometimes caregivers don’t understand they need to take care of themselves in order to take care of others,” Ward explained. “And realizing that is something positive.”

The Cottages Memory Care facilities provide the focused care that dementia patients require, the kind of care that the home or other long-term nursing facilities are not equipped, trained or qualified to offer. With nursing oversight, specially trained staff, secure environment, medication management and other offerings will provide these services. 

The City of Marinette, and Marinette County as a whole, welcomes the Cottages at Lake Park. We are proud of the broad-based health care services provided in the M&M area.