Whether it’s small American Flags fluttering in front of the grave of an American veteran or a Christmas season wreath placed neatly at the grave site, Menominee and Marinette area folks never forgot to honor the fallen who have fought to keep our country free.

August of 2019 may seem like a long way off, but already plans are in the making to pay tribute to the fallen when a special event comes to Menominee. The “Remembering Our Fallen” event will come to Menominee Aug. 23 to the 26 next year under the auspices of the Disabled American Veterans organization. The festivities will be held at Veterans Memorial Park on 1st Street where several monuments honor the fallen since the Civil War. 

David Thompson addressed the Menominee City Council in November to give a preliminary outline of what is to come.

The memorial is more that a name and a date, Thompson said, because it features pictures of veterans honored by the memorial. It could be a photo of a solider in uniform, or of a soldier with his family, he explained. 

The memorial is made up of approximately 15- to 19-foot-tall “Tribute Towers,” each one of them filled with 35 gallons of water to keep them stationary. The towers honor those who fell in combat as well as those who came home and died later. Also, there will be a ceremony stage set up behind the display and a grief counseling tent, which will be surrounded by the Tribute Towers. 

The Memorial will be escorted by Michigan State Police, Menominee County Sheriff’s Department, Menominee City Police and the Triple C and Patriot riders when it comes to town Aug. 23. The public will have an opportunity to view the display from dawn to dusk during its stay here. There will be a theme for each day it is displayed.

After the opening ceremony is completed during the morning of Aug. 24, the day’s event will focus on veterans and their families. The Aug. 25 event will focus on the women who served in the armed forces. A closing ceremony will be conducted one hour before dusk. 

The memorial will remain open to the public until 6 p.m. on Aug. 26 where it will move on to its next destination. 

The Remembering Our Fallen program promises to be one of the most impressive tributes rendered at an event honoring our veterans. We applaud the Disabled American Veterans for going through the detailed channels to bring the ceremonial event to Menominee. We’re looking forward to its appearance eight months from now.