Four employees at the L.E. Jones Co. in Menominee likely didn’t expect the lasting honor they received when they recently wrapped up their careers with the company.

David Doll, president and CEO of the company, and his wife, Heidi, made a donation to a scholarship fund through the M&M Area Community Foundation that will honor the four workers when they retire this year. The foursome will have racked up a combined 178 years of work when they check out on their final day.

The long-time employees and their starting date of employment include Lee Aderman (1974), Doug Dooley (1976), James Haymes (1974) and James “Smitty” Smith (1971).

“Each were and are so humble that they would probably not appreciate our even doing this,” said Doll. “But when such great people who have dedicated so much over such a long period of time decide the time has come to call it a career, a little recognition and a lot of appreciation is warranted. “

The unique contribution from employer to retiring employee will be in their names and will be available this year to local high school seniors.

“In any one year, we have a dozen or so folks at L.E. Jones submit their paperwork and decide to retire, said Doll. “It’s a bittersweet moment when we say goodbye to people who have dedicated years of service to our company to their fellow employees and to our customers around the world. “

The Jones company has been a part of the Menominee industrial base since the early 1940s when it began operations with a small number of employees. The company has grown over the years and now is ranked as one of the largest employers in the M&M area. Doll has been at the helm for many of those advancement years.

He and his wife have been considerate and generous not only to their employees, but to the community as a whole.

We are grateful for their contributions to community life and commend them for honoring four loyal employees with a unique gift upon their retirement.